2020 fashion update

So tomorrow is the first day of March, where has the previous two months gone!

The last few years at, times has been difficult. I want this year to feel better and exciting. For the last four years I have had a small walk in wardrobe. I love it, however I'm not a tidy person and it always ends up messy. Last year I had a massive clear out but I still have a lot of clothes. I made a promise this year to only buy things I truly love, and that I will wear continuously and adore. I have always shopped second hand, it's thrilling and there's always gems to be had!

For the last two years I have been pinning photos for inspiration on Pinterest with the intention of overhauling my look. I keep making excuses and I don't work on this project as I have wanted to. The big clearance last year was step one. Yesterday I completed a reorganisation of my wardrobe and how I intend to use it. Previously I had everything by clothing type and style. Now I have an edited side where my favourite stuff is, once I have worn it, I will put it back on the other side and take out an item I haven't worn in ages. This is a challenge to wear more of what I already own and to stop buying things.

I pulled out all of my favourite and currently most worn items and I intend to build outfits around these pieces. I will be using the Pinterest board as inspiration. I have also put away accessories subject to the season because its too wet and cold for sandals until at least June. Once it has warmed up I will be rearranging again.

I have moved on from how I used to dress in my 20s but I admit that I have lost my way with how I want to dress and I don't always indulge the fun part of who I am and it makes me feel sad. I want to wear fun prints, sparkling shoes and brightly coloured suede trainers. One big shock to me was the fact I have started wearing and liking the colour pink in various shades!

Blue is still my favourite colour but pink has crept in. I have worn jeans, jumpers and trainers for far too long, I am working to embrace my love of vintage and bright colours again. I like casual style but I need structural shapes and jewel tones to. I also want to make use of my handbags and scarves and wear more of my vintage jewellery and post more on my Instagram!

So part of my mission for this year is to embrace what I miss and rediscover old favourites. I want to feel positive about what I am doing and how I dress is a big part of that.

P.s. I started a YouTube. Please come and have a look https://youtu.be/8iKoXVyGxgg

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