High end bag collection

Hello and welcome to Sunday evening! I wanted to share with you my Higher end handbag collection.

Theee of these were bought preloved and they were purchased because they have flamingos on them!

The brands are:
Lulu Guinness
Kate Spade
Sophia Webster

The other three were purchased brand new from TKMAXX and the Furla outlet in Bicester Village

The brands are:
Paul Costello

The cheapest and first purchase from 2018 was the Gia mini in a pale greyish blue, this was found in the clearance section of my local Tkmaxx, so was the back pack it was bought last May. I love the cloudy blue colour and the unusual shape and size.

The back pack is small but practical and fits everything and is one of my main everyday bags.

The Furla bag is something I fell in love with in 2018, I found them in the sale on Farfetch. I dithered and I missed it!

Imagine my surprise at finding it in Bicester! It's my favourite colour and I adore it.

The Lulu Guinness bag is from the early 2000s. It has a massive phone case built in and they stopped this in bags after about 2007? It was £30 on ebay and its in beautiful new condition. I had to have it because of the beautiful print.

The kate spade pipa bag is from a 2017 collection called by the pool, I bought (all preloved from ebay and depop) the mini wallet coin purse, cosmetic case and passport holder (not pictured). I have adored using this bag, its leather in an uncolour and the flamingos are amazing! I loved everything from the collection.

Last but not least my Sophia Webster bag, its a matte black leather with rose gold hardware with flamingos! I'm sure you have noticed a theme to my bags, flamingos, the colour blue and leather!

I have many other bags and I'm very lucky and I adore my entire collection.

A massive thanks for reading, have a happy week ahead!

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