Bag make over

Here at Blue Glitter you know I love a make over, DIY and a great handbag!

Let me tell you about this bag...

In 2017, I bought a bag from Topshop that as leather and Jacquard fabric. It is styled in the manner of a Chanel bag. I hated the first one I received because it was damaged and brand new. I sent it back for a replacement, this arrived.

I was disappointed because of the quality immediately. The hardware is beautiful but was scratched before I used it, and the chain strap tended to fall off my shoulder. To counteract this, I threaded a leather strip through the strap. This stabilised the chain but I still hated how fragile the bag was.

I love the shape, and structure of the bag but there were a lot of flaws with the bag.

There is no reinforcement for the flap of the bag and this has caused the bag to look pinched at the top.

I also do not like the fabric, the website show a more blue colour within the camouflage khaki. The fabric was also not really suitable for the purpose it has been used for.

At Christmas 2019, I seriously considered selling or donating the bag, until a fantastic idea struck me. The fabric could be changed, the bag has a simple construction, so I figured it would be simple to take apart and change the fabric.

I approached my Cobbler friend Dean about the project and he kindly agreed to take it on!

This is the bag before  my review video

He has taken the front fabric panel and pocket panel and painstakingly taken the bag apart and replaced the fabric.

I love it! I wanted something simple, that had multiple colours within it that also reflected my taste. I already had the grey toned tartan in my fabric stash. It is a pale grey background, with black, white and teal stripes.

I like the colours and the versatility. It has revived a bag that could have ended up in the donation pile. I am always looking for ways to improve my carbon footprint, enhance my wardrobe but to not damage the planet!

Hopefully this fits the bill. I would like to stress that 95% of my wardrobe is bought from second hand sources such as e-bay and Depop. I also will have things like this item maintained and looked after by the right professionals!


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