I have been thinking about various ideas and projects lately.
Buying cheap clothing and customising it, turning a to small t-shirt into a handbag.
Also making necklaces from silver chains and glass beads.

I love sewing and making things, I always have random ideas going on in my head but over the last year I have not really given time or thought to them.

I have been inspired but haven't made the time to give these ideas breathing space.

There is no excuse I have just been getting on with my life instead of indulging in the things I love.

It is sad that I haven't sat down for a while and taken my time to create stuff, it's a waste of skill if it's not used.

So I have recently made a beautiful necklace consisting of a fine sterling silver chain and 8 faceted iridescent glass beads. I made a full string of sapphire blue beads on a silver chain.

I have bought a cropped t-shirt I intend to embellish with sequined salvaged from a t-shirt.

(I cannot wear the t-shirt because of the sequins it leaves loads of cuts on the upper arms from where they are placed which is why it's rarely worn!)

I am also going to make my old fender guitar print t-shirt into a tote bag because I cannot bear to let it go and love the style of the print to much to give it away!)

I am hoping with having a new job that is only a short commute rather than over 2 hours away I will now make the effort to create the things I want and enjoy them!

I may even get an Etsy account and start selling stuff I don't require so that I can enjoy the project and then simply sell it on.

I have not decided yet. Wish me luck and I hope these things turn out well :)

I will post pictures of these after I am finished and when I have made enough I will set Pink and Pink Ink back up on facebook!

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