Making the bag worth it!

I previously posted about dying my handbag a different colour. Originally I bought this bag earlier in the year. I have been searching for a cute satchel style hand bag that was leather or suede that was not to expensive. I found one for £20, sadly it was not in the desired condition, and someone had bought it then returned it. When I got it, the strap was broken and the suede was quite dirty. I bought it because I loved the shape. I sewed the strap up and used it for a few weeks a few other things on it broke as well. The colour had faded and started to look drab and stained. I did not want to find something new so I looked into having it dyed. I was told it could not be done. So I looked into doing it myself. It was originally a stone lavender colour, so it was easy to dye because I chose a darker colour.

I wanted to do it because I loved the bag straight away even though I was disapointed in the codition it was such a great little bag and it a classic! I am happy to spend hours sewing or doing stuff up simply for the pleasure of making something last little bit longer or make it prettier.

I researched how to do it and what dye I could use. I found Dylon suede and Nubuck dye. They also do great dye for cottons and stuff. I decided on a navy blue. I decided on Navy because I have to much black and I already ahve a brown leather hand bag. I do not usually go for it as a colour because I finid it can be to dull for my liking. I loved the final colour because of the contrast stitching and lining and the silver fixtures on the bag really stand out!

I bought the due from Timpson's usually one bottle is enough for one pair of shoes but because it is a bag I had to use about four bottles, for an even deep colour. It had to be painted on in layers and allowed to dry it came out really well I then sealed it with suede protector.

I found out that it did not seal fully after some of the dye rubbed off on my clothes. It washed out though. I decided to put the bag through a short wash.
(I would not recommend this) I did it because I wanted the bag to be hardier and I was not bothered about maintaining a soft finish the bag got slightly hardened in the dying process because it gets wet.
I really enjoyed doing it and I also learned it can be done with leather but it is a longer process. It was a great idea and it as nice to have a project that I could do and that turned out well. I get to enjoy my lovely bag and it is a one off. It was orth all the hard work and time becayse it is leather and that I have put the time in to make it something really lovely to be enjoyed.

It is nice to feel proud when you get to see the outcome of your hard work and time.

Please find photos of the bag!

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