Basic staples

I have recently been on the quest for more wardrobe basics so that I have pieces that I can use for more versatility in my day to day wear. I wanted to smarten up and as much as I love my jeans but mostly I enjoy looking more put together.

I have been going through a lot of sale sections and picked up some lovely items, such as nice slim cut black trousers and the same cut but patterned. I am all for embracing new things so I thought I would try a more relaxed and tailored look.

It has been working so far and I am enjoying it, this is be
cause I am getting the benefit of a new look and get to wear something more reflective of my age I guess.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to have options that are easy to throw on and go out in. If I have an unexpected invite out or I change my mind. I like choice to be simple and easy sometimes.

It started with a blue shift dress with an exposed zip I bought for my birthday. It is electric blue and always makes me feel better because it's a bright colour and looks good on. It fits and is so easy to dress up and down. It can be very feminine and smart or relaxed and funky. I bought it initially for the striking colour, as blue is my favourite colour though usually I prefer warmer more tropical and jewel tones of blue.
It is why I dyed my satchel navy because black is to much.

I wear the shade of black far to often it is good to get out of old habits. Black is a great and classic thing but it is good to embrace colour. They have to be bold and bright, not neon but jewel tone and saturated!

This dress started me thinking about how nice and simple it was to wear it and how easily I could change it around.
Versatility is something I am always looking for in anything I buy. I wear most of my stuff all year around and add or take away layers when needed. Dresses can be layered up with t-shirts and shirts and with tights and leggings or boots so that they can be worn through summer and winter. This is something I learned from working in fashion retail. the key looks and trends that were in we were taught to be able to talk a out and how to change looks according to the customer.

I know it is an easy thing to talk about if you know what you want to do with your clothes and I know accessories are almost as hard.
I enjoy beautiful satin high heels and have a big soft spot for suede shoes. Sadly these fabrics are impractical good leather shoes are hard to find at a affordable price. I am lucky I found riding style, black distressed boots from Top shop.

Light cardigans, leggings, brogues. Things that are simple but effective, I need things that can be worn for work and in my usual everyday. I would encourage investing in good basics because they always serve you well and can be highly interchangeable.

You don't need to have a capsule wardrobe just a solid base to work from.

I feel like in doing this I am getting more wear for my money. (Sad as it sounds!) I don't see the point in spending money on stuff I rarely wear.

I love shopping but my habit is starting to get a bit silly. So instead I have been making more use of what I already have.

Give it a try and see what you find :)
Stop shopping and look in your wardrobe and see what you have.
Stuff you rely on and is your staple what else could you pair it with? new shoes? a new cardigan?
I say this because mostly as a nation of women we don't make the most of what we have and I know I have previously mentioned this but I have been thinking long and hard about it.

I have been in a new job only a few weeks and have yet to wear the same thing twice and I have not even made a dent in what I own wardrobe wise. This is a tad scary to think a person can own so much, hence giving up the shopping habit for a while.
(We can't all have a Hollywood hills mansion closet to store it all in!)

If you are looking for key pieces think about what you want, what would you wear it with and how would you wear it? Think about this next time you look at a coat or a cardigan.
Think about your summer stuff can it be converted through layering of tights/leggings/tops so you can make use of them for a while longer?
Or change accessories for an updated look?
I think that sometimes a simple approach to dressing is easier and less stressful. It leaves time to ponder other things and gives you the choice of just throwing anything pretty on and off you go!


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