20 random facts about me

Something I saw and thought I would do!

1. I am a massive Harry Potter fan (not unusual but I still swear by them 12 years later after discovering them)

2. I have 5 goldfishes, evil, dirty Harry, Phise, Speedy and anonymous. I love cats and dog and generally most cute furry animals but I am very allergic to them all (sadly)

3. I have two sisters who are awesome and I love ans admire them very much.

4. I love charm bracelets and have one with mostly 1960s/1970s charms

5. I was born in South Africa.

6. I did my BA hons in Fine art

7. My favourite city in the world is Paris

8. My favourite film and children's book is the Little Mermaid

9. I met my FiancĂ©e through a mystery valentine

10. My favourite colour is blue (of course!)

11. The best band ever are Muse

12. I avidly collect quirky converse and pretty impractical satin and coloured suede shoes

13. My idea of peace and quiet is a beach somewhere hot and lazy.

14. Sundays are spent reading trashy books that make me smile because they are silly

15. my favourite musical/film is Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland

16. The best thing of last year was seeing the red slippers!

17. I am really afraid of big crowds.

18. I have never broken any bones

19. I can't wait to get married this year

20. I love beautiful unqiue things

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