What is in my bag...

I was reading Milkebubbletea today and was inspired to do a what is in my bag post, I have seen many of these and thought I would share. Normally my bag is fully of old receipts and the odd Glamour/Vogue magazine but these are the basics of my bag.

So to start here is my bag, I use it everyday since I bought it in May 2012 for £50 from INTI vintage Gloucester.

I am fond of this bag because it is something I have always wanted because I used to have a satchel when I was a kid (a canvas Thomas the tank engine one)

It is a beautiful chestnut brown leather and in the name tag I have put a blue glitter.
 The bag is a back pack and goes everywhere with me.

So to what I carry around in this lovely piece of history

This is what I carry around everyday, a vintage leather compact from eBay complete with powder and puff. It was only 99p and  love the quality and the fact it had never been used it is from the 1960s.
My vintage style Union Jack Filo fax
that I use to organise my life and for my endless to do lists and my glasses, I went from a larger frame in September because I had became fed up with my Bench narrow frames..

This is my Kindle I am new to the Kindle craze. I added the skin versions can be found on eBay and Amazon, I  doodled inside the case, my faithful I pod and my phone case. You may have noticed I am rather into the colour blue. I learned my lesson that having cases for everything. I have broken so many MP3 players and cracked phones, they might as well be pretty. I cannot live with out music or having nothing to read and my phone but that goes with out saying. I have been listening to Taylor Swift an Rita Ora and the new Muse album.
I have been reading Phantom of the Opera and Wuthering heights.

I don't carry many beauty products around because I don't wear much make-up on a day to day basis.
I do however carry around two lots of eye products because I usually am rushing around and they wake me up  bit.
I have my Nivea lip balm, I swear by, my Dirty works banish the bags eye cream and the Simple eye roll on.

So that is my bag more or less, I have forgotten my keys however you are not missing much there.
Hope you enjoyed.

Becky at Milkbubbletea can be found at (http://personalweb.about.com/od/easyblogsandwebpages/ss/bloggeronsite.htm)

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