a few DIYS.....

I love customising clothes, it is something I have been doing since I was at secondary school. It all started with a free denim bag from some long forgotten magazine. It gave me a bug that carried on through to various other "projects". I never really left anything alone after that. At college I went through a phase of doing blazers which I did for a lady who owned a local vintage shop.

I know a lot of blogs offer DIY step by step and how to achieve various things, I don't do project for the sake of sharing (I am not against those who do!) I do them because I like exploring ideas and the sheer thrill of making something from nothing and giving something a new spin and it being unique. I have always been very creative in my academic life and Art is my main love but fashion is a lose second.

I love the fact you can make something from nothing and that its yours, no shops no-one else is going to have it. like my clutch bag I made last year. my DIY studded clutch bag
I like a challenge and tend to do all my dewing by hand because I enjoy getting down with stuff.

So last year I found a great DIY for an army jacket because I wanted a particular style army printed studded shirt jacket but was not willing to pay £50 for it when I know the quality does not match the price tag.
I was browsing twitter and found a Rosie Outlook and she had the perfect DIY! arosieoutlook.com diy studded camouflage jacket (her blog is fantastic as well!)
 She had also included a  link to where I could find an army standard shirt/jacket. I was hooked! I bought the shirt and waiting for it to arrive. I bought some gun metal spikes and smaller silver studs and got to work.
I also changed all the buttons for some rather cool skull and cross bones.
Here are the results.
I have added studs to the collar /shoulders and pocket flaps.

Another project was a denim jacket, I bought last year for £7 in Reading and didn't like the plain look I bought studs to go into it but its traditional heavy denim so I didn't know what to do with it.

I bought a vest top that had studded shoulders that were attached to a patch, so I removed these and added them to the jacket.
I wore it on Friday and a lot of people liked it. I wore it with a white tee under a pinafore style dress and my blue brothel creepers. Not my usual style of dressing but the creepers dictated the outfit!

It has been great to finally show both of these the army jacket was completed months ago and the denim jacket two weeks ago I do also have a few others to show.

Hope you like

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