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I am an avid reader of blogs and I have been for a few years now, I enjoy reading blogs of those who share ideals about fashion and that do their own thing with clothing. I was reading this post by londonbeautyqueen.com and it made me realise just how similar many people are in the way they dress, with in the UK, it's not a bad thing but it can make reading blogs and looking for inspiration or shopping on eBay annoying because it feels like everything is the same.

Things on the high street don't really feel like they have changed that much in the last few years either. It leads to things always looking the same and trends staying around for 18 months 2 years. I have recently read people are looking for better quality, value and expect things to last.Does this mean throw away fashion slowly being phased out? I don't believe it will but I have just given up on the high street for a while because I feel like if I see more of the same I am just giving up shopping completely. I am not being elitist but what happened to embracing something and wearing it to death because you love it and not just because your friend is wearing it or some magazine told you it is the must have item for this week.How about integrating a trend into how you dress rather than dressing for a trend? I have nothing against people who follow trends but it annoys me if you end up looking like a clone because you lose yourself? Take a leaf out of the books of someone like Jen @ www.littlebirdfashion.com/ does this amazingly well!

I have slowly given up fashion magazines because I am fed up of always being shown items I either can't afford or that I will like for a few weeks and get rid of. It is a poor mentality to have towards clothing and yourself. I want a happy medium where, I can justify spending on something lovely that I don't buy just because it was cheap. Something I will actually wear and enjoy.

I have been embracing key simple items and I wear them more, this started last year when I started to make my working look more low key because crazy/eccentric does not bode well in an office (but I still have my shoes) this has sadly lead to wearing too much black and being lazy in my approach for work as well. I am lucky enough to have some truly beautiful clothing in my possession I don't just want to live in black jeans and converse. I am not a kid any more!
 I bought an amazing blue tuxedo jacket from eBay a month or more ago and stuff like that gets more wear than random junk I have bought.
Someone said to me the other day, no matter what changes, where you go or what names you take never stop being who you are inside. Show that you are by what you wear I believe the outside should match the inside no matter how odd it is. I admire things people wear and take inspiration but I don't copy. I can't do stomach flashing crops I layer them over vests at an angle (being curvy and having large boobs doesn't always work in my favour)

Can't do disco, I just don't have the studio 54 soul.. However give me a 1970's maxi dress or shirt and I'm happy.
I know not everyone does crazy like me but sometimes you need to look at your wardrobe and think wtf?

I know I do... I have recently been guilty of buying things that aren't really me and hoarding them. I have been asking myself what I am doing wasting good money on stuff I don't need and won't wear. I went to London on Tuesday for an early birthday present (I was 26 yesterday.)

I went around Camden, Covent gardens and Oxford Street and came away with a pair of teal vintage trousers and some egg shell blue Gap jeans. I bought the blue as an alternative to black and navy.

I searched high and low and found nothing I wanted in all of these amazing places and for once I was happy I was not buying a load of junk. A few days later I was in my local Ghost London outlet and fell in love with these amazing soft tapered trousers with a pleated waist band. I tried them on but didn't like them and went away but came back later and tried again and she insisted I try them properly and show her.
£87 reduced to £22 I was in love I wore them the next day, with a classic soft white tee and a jacket and sandals.
 They are amazing in their quality and they are so simple, I have some oyster coloured straight leg satin trousers from Ghost and the first time I wore them I got sarcastically asked why am I wearing my pjs? I don't care they are amazing! It took courage to wear those, the plumb coloured ones came straight out. I won't be intimidated by others joke or not.  I have other key items like my River Island scarf printed trousers found here I have invested in several other pairs of printed trousers from metallic pink cigarette to yellow paisley. I wear them as I want and I like them because they are fun and can also be so effortless. I like the bright colours and the different fabrics and ways of dressing them up or down. I won't forget that. I have several lovely simple t-shirts made with a almost chiffon front in black, white and blue all from Topshop for under £10. They stand me in good stead because they are smart ad casual and light weight. They are a good alternative to when I get fed up of wearing shirts. It is things like these what have made me embrace more quality over quantity items

I would want to be trendier but I don't like being reminded of the clothes I wore when I was a kid! I started Blue Glitter as an outlet for the many things I love to do but I just don't know any more, it can't all be about new clothes I guess! I am happy enough but there's more I can do to make it even better.

I don't know what I am looking for but something new and embracing some forgotten things and enjoying my free time more. I want to paint more and start living for something more than just working. I don't want to run away from my life just start living for the more important things.This year is going to bring some amazing changes and I am excited but I think over the last few years I have lost some of what I like about myself and let it be replaced by vapid rubbish and I stopped worrying about the right things.Be yourself through whatever means you need to!

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