a new staple?

I have been trying not to shop as much. This has lasted well I have only recently bought a few things and I am excited to wear them!

I wanted a new top that was funky but simple and found an excellent one on ASOS.COM
I like the simplicity and the fact it has writing on both sides. It came today and I can't wait to pair it with ripped jeans and Converse.

I have also found this amazing dress on ebay! It is fantastic 

I want this with some lovely sandals for when the weather is warmer, I love the classic cut and shape and I don't usually wear green, the only item in my wardrobe is a vintage green velvet blazer stolen from my oldest sister!

I have been trying to embrace more simple things and not just impulsively buy stuff I won't wear! Fingers crossed both of these turn out to be great investments!

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