Sunday, 27 January 2013

20 random facts about me

Something I saw and thought I would do!

1. I am a massive Harry Potter fan (not unusual but I still swear by them 12 years later after discovering them)

2. I have 5 goldfishes, evil, dirty Harry, Phise, Speedy and anonymous. I love cats and dog and generally most cute furry animals but I am very allergic to them all (sadly)

3. I have two sisters who are awesome and I love ans admire them very much.

4. I love charm bracelets and have one with mostly 1960s/1970s charms

5. I was born in South Africa.

6. I did my BA hons in Fine art

7. My favourite city in the world is Paris

8. My favourite film and children's book is the Little Mermaid

9. I met my FiancĂ©e through a mystery valentine

10. My favourite colour is blue (of course!)

11. The best band ever are Muse

12. I avidly collect quirky converse and pretty impractical satin and coloured suede shoes

13. My idea of peace and quiet is a beach somewhere hot and lazy.

14. Sundays are spent reading trashy books that make me smile because they are silly

15. my favourite musical/film is Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland

16. The best thing of last year was seeing the red slippers!

17. I am really afraid of big crowds.

18. I have never broken any bones

19. I can't wait to get married this year

20. I love beautiful unqiue things

Sunday, 20 January 2013

a quick DIY

I have been going through my things and realised aside form my boxes for my find jewellery the rest of it lives in limbo.
I am fed of never being able to find my watches. I had a great idea.
I made a padded thing for my watches to live on. I got some pleather sewed it into a sausage shape and sewed up then ends then filled it with scrunched up newspaper. This means I know where they are and they are easily stored. Not bad for 15 minutes and recycled newspaper and it cost nothing because it was made from material scrap.

The result is a new home for my watches!

Just wanted to share with you a small picture of a customised dress I did for just before Christmas for my work do!
£15 for H&M I added glass pearl to jazz it up.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crown and Glory glitter bow review


Before Christmas I ordered two small glitter bows from Crown and Glory (found at )
I have wanted some of their bows since I first started following them on Twitter and I am in love! for £3.00 each, I bought two bows one in pastel blue and the other a Mermaid. I wore it today to work, I was going to wear it in my hair but wore it as a bow tie. I was asked about it all day! The Mermaid is my favourite because it is a fabulous mixture of blues and greens that give it such a distinct glimmer and the glitter particles are large and really catch the light. They have been featured in many UK magazines and blogs and I am 100% in love with the brand, they do so many beautiful individual pieces from bows to head bands.
Of course I got blue glitter bows ;)

I cannot stress enough how friendly, lovely and great value this brand is.

and just a quick picture to show you it! :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

What is in my bag...

I was reading Milkebubbletea today and was inspired to do a what is in my bag post, I have seen many of these and thought I would share. Normally my bag is fully of old receipts and the odd Glamour/Vogue magazine but these are the basics of my bag.

So to start here is my bag, I use it everyday since I bought it in May 2012 for £50 from INTI vintage Gloucester.

I am fond of this bag because it is something I have always wanted because I used to have a satchel when I was a kid (a canvas Thomas the tank engine one)

It is a beautiful chestnut brown leather and in the name tag I have put a blue glitter.
 The bag is a back pack and goes everywhere with me.

So to what I carry around in this lovely piece of history

This is what I carry around everyday, a vintage leather compact from eBay complete with powder and puff. It was only 99p and  love the quality and the fact it had never been used it is from the 1960s.
My vintage style Union Jack Filo fax
that I use to organise my life and for my endless to do lists and my glasses, I went from a larger frame in September because I had became fed up with my Bench narrow frames..

This is my Kindle I am new to the Kindle craze. I added the skin versions can be found on eBay and Amazon, I  doodled inside the case, my faithful I pod and my phone case. You may have noticed I am rather into the colour blue. I learned my lesson that having cases for everything. I have broken so many MP3 players and cracked phones, they might as well be pretty. I cannot live with out music or having nothing to read and my phone but that goes with out saying. I have been listening to Taylor Swift an Rita Ora and the new Muse album.
I have been reading Phantom of the Opera and Wuthering heights.

I don't carry many beauty products around because I don't wear much make-up on a day to day basis.
I do however carry around two lots of eye products because I usually am rushing around and they wake me up  bit.
I have my Nivea lip balm, I swear by, my Dirty works banish the bags eye cream and the Simple eye roll on.

So that is my bag more or less, I have forgotten my keys however you are not missing much there.
Hope you enjoyed.

Becky at Milkbubbletea can be found at (