New bag alert


Happy Tuesday evening. I recently found another Sophia Webster Claudia mini bag on eBay. This one is in neon snakeskin and leather. I thought it was a bargain. However when it arrived there was damage, not included in the listing.

Sadly there was UV damage that had caused the front pocket to fade that wasn't included in the listing.

The seller gave me a partial refund and I used that to buy the materials, to fix the bag.

Before I could start the repair, the bag needed some TLC and reshaping. I stuffed it with t-shirts and treated it with leather nourishing cream and left of to sit and settle.

I deglazed the inside flap and front pocket. I carefully restored the colour on the inside flap and lightened the front pocket (the fading was too significant to seamlessly colour match). It was a learning curve and I had to remove and repaint the front pocket twice!

I have left it to dry and glazed the leather.

I am super happy with the result!

Here is the before:

The pink is a tad bright but the snakeskin is neon coloured and it blends well.

Here is the after!

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