It is an odd thing, some have it, some fake it. Personally I try not to care but it does not always work.
I have been reading a set of blogs by The lamb at oflambsandlace and it has made me realise how much time as people we waste on hating ourselves and each other. Body snark, negative things like real woman ect.

Personally I am not always a fan of the way I look. My legs are far too short, my is to big but I like my little hands and long (so called mermaid hair).
I can't change my height or ever really rid myself of my bust but they are part of who I am.

Now I am not the kind of person who hates on others, if I don't like something so what it doesn't affect my life how someone dresses, I only care if it infringes on me.

So I have been honest on here about how much I love crazy clothes and often people take the piss of out me for how I dress.


Why should I care, I like my crazy clothes and even cooler shoes and that it expresses my personality. I know I can't waft around the house like a waif in scant pretty, lacy things because frankly they wouldn't hold my bust up. This is despite endless hours of wishing

I have always wanted to be tall and lean which is the complete opposite to what I am (My oldest sister got the long legs and height). I am really fair and in the summer always get asked why am I so white? It makes me self concious when people always point stuff out about my personality or appearance. I won't wear fake tan, I like being pale and yes I am very short in the leg it makes buying jeans impossible but hey so what.

I don't like to be made to feel different just for being myself, so thank you Lamb for making this sheep feel a little bit happier for embracing me and forgetting others.

Some tips
Wear what YOU want.
Great shoes always make you feel better.
Be comfortable and happy.
Invest in things you love and make you look great

Most importantly SMILE

So next time someone points something out or laughs at you just stop and think does it matter?
A famous lady (Ellen Roosevelt) once said "People can only make you feel inferior if you give them permission to"

Read her blog it is a great find and she is super cool! (I know this by her shoe tastes)

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