Project bag commences

I love accessories and bags especially, I have learned how to make simple bags by hand however frustratingly slow the process, the end product is satisfying because you can smile and say you made your arm candy when asked where it comes from.

I made a bag last year over several months ( The DIY studded clutchbecause I kept putting the project down and forgetting about it after I did a little bit more each time.

I still love and use that bag and always get asked where it is from. I made second pleather paper bag style clutch with matching accessory purse.

These have been made and sewn with out a machine, how ever fun it can be annoying because the process is long (always worth it though).

I have never had a sewing machine before this weekend (this one has been sat seized up for the last year it was given to me to try and fix to use).

A lovely friend of ours very kindly looked into it and solved all issues and replaced a few parts and got it working again, as well as giving me a quick sewing 101.

I sat with my machine yesterday and decided to try a very quick project and the results in places is messy but I knew it would be because I did not use the correct tacking and straight pins required.
I am ecstatic about the results either way.

So You all  know I am a fiend for making things, here is a few pictures of my new (slightly messy) over sized clutch.

Made with locally purchased, woven check, pleather and an iron on rose and ice cream printed poly cotton lining. I stayed away from making it over the top and I left off the studs this time. I wanted something simple and that can be worn with multiple things. (Don't worry I will get the pearls out for the next one!)

The textiles are from the local market the check was £3 because it was a seconds and the pleather is the same as I always use because it is soft and easy to sew with.

Please find below pictures for my new project!

This is the hounds tooth print in monochrome with a single red strip

This is the pleather

This is the lining I thought it was a great contrast to the simplicity of the other textiles used. It is a lovely sugary pink and bright but fun. I like bags with an unexpected twist.

This is an iron on rose in black and silver, I bought it for a project in 2010 and never used it, until now!
The final product

Me looking like a loser holding it!

So I really enjoyed making this and taking time out to do it. I am considering making a few more (I may even put a few up for sale, only if there are any requests!)

I hope you liked my latest project, I covered my kindle case in the same stuff earlier in the year but with yellow ribbon and roses as a contrast.

It is fantastic to have the chance to sew and make stuff at last!

P.S I don't usually ask but please let me know what you think and if you want to see more bags?

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