Jumper Diy

So I am a big fan of cheap and crafty things to do and I like to do projects on a budget or make use of something I already have, so here is something I wanted to show you, a quick DIY I did a while back, it was just something done on a whim. I bought this lovely cropped jumper from H&M for £3.00 back in May and I love the colour and the light feeling.  It’s a cute jumper to have and jazz up any outfit but I thought it was lacking in something.
It is a great colour, with a soft texture and finish but it was just a tad too girly for me. I had some flat headed studs left from another project and decided to do the shoulders up because I didn’t want to over do it.
I had to be careful because it is a very fine knit finish. I added the studs around the top of the sleeves at the shoulders, just enough to add some edge but not detract from the jumper.
It is a really quick way of making something look a bit different with out making a big change and it doesn’t need any complicated sewing.
A few pictures for detail
This is a close up of the shoulders.

So some general tips
  • Get the stud and place it in your desired location and push through. Take a standard metal nail file and using the tip gently push down each prong until it is in place and the stud isn’t moving. These studs are easier to use and don’t require you to make a make a hole and extra tools to secure it.
  • The stud can be found on eBay for under £5.00 and any item of clothing or accessory you ant to make over will do. (Be careful of thick denim they are too small to pierce it)

Another Jumper from H&M that has had similar treatment, it’s a khaki jumper I bought earlier this year; I love the colour and wanted to add to the already distressed effect. This is another sale purchase that has been modified to go with my taste in clothes.

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