Growing up.... but who for?

So growing up, when you are little you dream of what it will be like when you grow up. It is the  daydream of children, your parents always said "when you grow up.... or when you are older"

I was reading this article on growing up on Whimsey magazine it got me thinking.

Growing up seems the best thing ever but some how when you get there things are not always what they seem. School, programs like Saved by the bell had me dreaming of boys, gossip and cool clothes and lockers, after school hang outs. I got a grey uniform and being bullied but I gained my best friend Jay and I cannot live with out him.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be an archaeologist, I imagined exploring old Egyptian tombs and discovering sunken treasures.
I held on to that passion until I joined college and decided on art history  to add another side to my enslaving love of all things art. I have always wanted to create and paint. I doodled, drew and sculpted to my hearts content. At school it was my thing (I even had a Harry Potter picture hanging in the English class rooms).

You grow up, go into education, get a job ect ect....

What about what you want? Do lose yourself in what others want from you and expect of you. It is never to late to change your mind, like when you were a kid.

I got to art at college and got my degree but after so many years intensive working, I moved away from painting to sewing and fashion. I don't regret this because things like this blog have come from that.

It is funny how life makes you re-examine what you want.
You should not be afraid to change your dreams and goals because it is part of life's journey.

I have been afraid of what others think and wanting what others think is right for me.
Something I said in the last post was about how refreshing it is to have started embracing what I want in life and not to worry about everyone else.

Growing up is not about being an adult it is about changing and still being who you are.

I can say honestly I regret nothing. not changing my plans or dreams. Those that got left behind were changed because I was someone different from when they were made.
I tried working in art and hated it but I love what I do now, last week I got married and I could not be more proud of my husband.

When was the last time you stopped and took time to do something fun and silly or just pure enjoyment?
I recently got back my sewing machine in working order and started making a bag and it feels good to make time for little things!

You only get one chance at life so why waste it on bad experiences?

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