Things I am looking forward to for the rest of 2013

2013 Has been an interesting year so far, I have not done more with this blog as planned but I have been investing time in myself and life in general for the first time in years.

It has been a refreshing change and it has been exciting to embrace new things in life. I have a new job and a new name to match my lovely new husband. Hopefully something else will be falling into place in the next  six weeks.

Something I have worked hard on in the last three months is my shopping. I can happily say I have kicked my habit of emotional shopping. I have cut the amount I spend on clothes right down. I have bought only seven things in the last three months. I am really proud of this because I have invested in some really good value things and I have taken time to think about anything over £15 because it was worth taking time to decide if I really needed it.

It has been  it use a cliché enlightening too finally take charge of things in my life and walk away from negative influences and people and to start working on what I want and need.

On a fashion front, I have given up on impulse buying trendy items that only get worn once and started buying simple things I can mix up. I do still buy crazy things but I can work those into my wardrobe!

My change in clothing taste reflects that I have been subtly shifting to something more relaxed and easy to maintain. I can do fun patterns with simple t-shirts or shirts. I can wear my jeans and not feel like I am trying to be an overly trendy teenager.

I usually live in plain black trousers or dresses. It is good to let your inner creative out occasionally! This has been done through trousers. I have also begun to invest in classic white pieces.

I do not usually wear white because I am prone to stains and rips, so this is a brave new frontier.

I originally said I would start doing outfit posts and doing more trend related things for the blog and this will come after everything has settled down and I have somewhere to take pictures and not be embarrassed.

Some things that have been big in my wardrobe this year so far.

Patterned trousers, more statement pieces and more simple laid back items I can wear anytime.

See crazy patterned legging/trousers.

I have been liking trousers more this year, I bought some printed trousers from H&M two years ago, I also bought the scarf print trousers from River Island as shown on this blog previously.

It started something!

These yellow paisley trousers are definitely and opinion divider but I love the colour and how fun they are!

The best two pairs found this year were a teal blue pair from Rokit vintage and purple silk from Ghost London.

This white dress from Topshop I left it on the sale rail for three weeks before finally deciding to buy it. I did this with the palm tree printed sweatshirt featured in the last post.

as seen on this lovely lady here

It has been lovely to let the creative out and not just hide in smart clothing or jeans.
I hope the rest of this year will be as successful as the last few months have been. It would be fantastic to just enjoy the hard work and time put in and I am proud I have also stopped my awful shopping habit and be happy.

P.S I will be featuring a blog on printed trousers and some new DIY handbags...

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