Friday, 30 August 2013

Things I am looking forward to in the next few months..

So far 2013 has been pretty busy, between planning and getting married, moving around jobs and planning on moving house it has been crazy and its not even September!

So what am I looking forward to?

1) My new home *fingers crossed
2) Husbands birthday
3) decorating /planning new home
4) maybe passing driving test
5) settling into my new job

So if all goes to plan 2013 will have been one of the busiest years I have had for a while but considering what I ill have gained it will be worth it!

some ideas for my new house :)

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Jumper Diy

So I am a big fan of cheap and crafty things to do and I like to do projects on a budget or make use of something I already have, so here is something I wanted to show you, a quick DIY I did a while back, it was just something done on a whim. I bought this lovely cropped jumper from H&M for £3.00 back in May and I love the colour and the light feeling.  It’s a cute jumper to have and jazz up any outfit but I thought it was lacking in something.
It is a great colour, with a soft texture and finish but it was just a tad too girly for me. I had some flat headed studs left from another project and decided to do the shoulders up because I didn’t want to over do it.
I had to be careful because it is a very fine knit finish. I added the studs around the top of the sleeves at the shoulders, just enough to add some edge but not detract from the jumper.
It is a really quick way of making something look a bit different with out making a big change and it doesn’t need any complicated sewing.
A few pictures for detail
This is a close up of the shoulders.

So some general tips
  • Get the stud and place it in your desired location and push through. Take a standard metal nail file and using the tip gently push down each prong until it is in place and the stud isn’t moving. These studs are easier to use and don’t require you to make a make a hole and extra tools to secure it.
  • The stud can be found on eBay for under £5.00 and any item of clothing or accessory you ant to make over will do. (Be careful of thick denim they are too small to pierce it)

Another Jumper from H&M that has had similar treatment, it’s a khaki jumper I bought earlier this year; I love the colour and wanted to add to the already distressed effect. This is another sale purchase that has been modified to go with my taste in clothes.

Friday, 9 August 2013


It is an odd thing, some have it, some fake it. Personally I try not to care but it does not always work.
I have been reading a set of blogs by The lamb at oflambsandlace and it has made me realise how much time as people we waste on hating ourselves and each other. Body snark, negative things like real woman ect.

Personally I am not always a fan of the way I look. My legs are far too short, my is to big but I like my little hands and long (so called mermaid hair).
I can't change my height or ever really rid myself of my bust but they are part of who I am.

Now I am not the kind of person who hates on others, if I don't like something so what it doesn't affect my life how someone dresses, I only care if it infringes on me.

So I have been honest on here about how much I love crazy clothes and often people take the piss of out me for how I dress.


Why should I care, I like my crazy clothes and even cooler shoes and that it expresses my personality. I know I can't waft around the house like a waif in scant pretty, lacy things because frankly they wouldn't hold my bust up. This is despite endless hours of wishing

I have always wanted to be tall and lean which is the complete opposite to what I am (My oldest sister got the long legs and height). I am really fair and in the summer always get asked why am I so white? It makes me self concious when people always point stuff out about my personality or appearance. I won't wear fake tan, I like being pale and yes I am very short in the leg it makes buying jeans impossible but hey so what.

I don't like to be made to feel different just for being myself, so thank you Lamb for making this sheep feel a little bit happier for embracing me and forgetting others.

Some tips
Wear what YOU want.
Great shoes always make you feel better.
Be comfortable and happy.
Invest in things you love and make you look great

Most importantly SMILE

So next time someone points something out or laughs at you just stop and think does it matter?
A famous lady (Ellen Roosevelt) once said "People can only make you feel inferior if you give them permission to"

Read her blog it is a great find and she is super cool! (I know this by her shoe tastes)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Project bag commences

I love accessories and bags especially, I have learned how to make simple bags by hand however frustratingly slow the process, the end product is satisfying because you can smile and say you made your arm candy when asked where it comes from.

I made a bag last year over several months ( The DIY studded clutchbecause I kept putting the project down and forgetting about it after I did a little bit more each time.

I still love and use that bag and always get asked where it is from. I made second pleather paper bag style clutch with matching accessory purse.

These have been made and sewn with out a machine, how ever fun it can be annoying because the process is long (always worth it though).

I have never had a sewing machine before this weekend (this one has been sat seized up for the last year it was given to me to try and fix to use).

A lovely friend of ours very kindly looked into it and solved all issues and replaced a few parts and got it working again, as well as giving me a quick sewing 101.

I sat with my machine yesterday and decided to try a very quick project and the results in places is messy but I knew it would be because I did not use the correct tacking and straight pins required.
I am ecstatic about the results either way.

So You all  know I am a fiend for making things, here is a few pictures of my new (slightly messy) over sized clutch.

Made with locally purchased, woven check, pleather and an iron on rose and ice cream printed poly cotton lining. I stayed away from making it over the top and I left off the studs this time. I wanted something simple and that can be worn with multiple things. (Don't worry I will get the pearls out for the next one!)

The textiles are from the local market the check was £3 because it was a seconds and the pleather is the same as I always use because it is soft and easy to sew with.

Please find below pictures for my new project!

This is the hounds tooth print in monochrome with a single red strip

This is the pleather

This is the lining I thought it was a great contrast to the simplicity of the other textiles used. It is a lovely sugary pink and bright but fun. I like bags with an unexpected twist.

This is an iron on rose in black and silver, I bought it for a project in 2010 and never used it, until now!
The final product

Me looking like a loser holding it!

So I really enjoyed making this and taking time out to do it. I am considering making a few more (I may even put a few up for sale, only if there are any requests!)

I hope you liked my latest project, I covered my kindle case in the same stuff earlier in the year but with yellow ribbon and roses as a contrast.

It is fantastic to have the chance to sew and make stuff at last!

P.S I don't usually ask but please let me know what you think and if you want to see more bags?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Growing up.... but who for?

So growing up, when you are little you dream of what it will be like when you grow up. It is the  daydream of children, your parents always said "when you grow up.... or when you are older"

I was reading this article on growing up on Whimsey magazine it got me thinking.

Growing up seems the best thing ever but some how when you get there things are not always what they seem. School, programs like Saved by the bell had me dreaming of boys, gossip and cool clothes and lockers, after school hang outs. I got a grey uniform and being bullied but I gained my best friend Jay and I cannot live with out him.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be an archaeologist, I imagined exploring old Egyptian tombs and discovering sunken treasures.
I held on to that passion until I joined college and decided on art history  to add another side to my enslaving love of all things art. I have always wanted to create and paint. I doodled, drew and sculpted to my hearts content. At school it was my thing (I even had a Harry Potter picture hanging in the English class rooms).

You grow up, go into education, get a job ect ect....

What about what you want? Do lose yourself in what others want from you and expect of you. It is never to late to change your mind, like when you were a kid.

I got to art at college and got my degree but after so many years intensive working, I moved away from painting to sewing and fashion. I don't regret this because things like this blog have come from that.

It is funny how life makes you re-examine what you want.
You should not be afraid to change your dreams and goals because it is part of life's journey.

I have been afraid of what others think and wanting what others think is right for me.
Something I said in the last post was about how refreshing it is to have started embracing what I want in life and not to worry about everyone else.

Growing up is not about being an adult it is about changing and still being who you are.

I can say honestly I regret nothing. not changing my plans or dreams. Those that got left behind were changed because I was someone different from when they were made.
I tried working in art and hated it but I love what I do now, last week I got married and I could not be more proud of my husband.

When was the last time you stopped and took time to do something fun and silly or just pure enjoyment?
I recently got back my sewing machine in working order and started making a bag and it feels good to make time for little things!

You only get one chance at life so why waste it on bad experiences?

Friday, 2 August 2013

Things I am looking forward to for the rest of 2013

2013 Has been an interesting year so far, I have not done more with this blog as planned but I have been investing time in myself and life in general for the first time in years.

It has been a refreshing change and it has been exciting to embrace new things in life. I have a new job and a new name to match my lovely new husband. Hopefully something else will be falling into place in the next  six weeks.

Something I have worked hard on in the last three months is my shopping. I can happily say I have kicked my habit of emotional shopping. I have cut the amount I spend on clothes right down. I have bought only seven things in the last three months. I am really proud of this because I have invested in some really good value things and I have taken time to think about anything over £15 because it was worth taking time to decide if I really needed it.

It has been  it use a cliché enlightening too finally take charge of things in my life and walk away from negative influences and people and to start working on what I want and need.

On a fashion front, I have given up on impulse buying trendy items that only get worn once and started buying simple things I can mix up. I do still buy crazy things but I can work those into my wardrobe!

My change in clothing taste reflects that I have been subtly shifting to something more relaxed and easy to maintain. I can do fun patterns with simple t-shirts or shirts. I can wear my jeans and not feel like I am trying to be an overly trendy teenager.

I usually live in plain black trousers or dresses. It is good to let your inner creative out occasionally! This has been done through trousers. I have also begun to invest in classic white pieces.

I do not usually wear white because I am prone to stains and rips, so this is a brave new frontier.

I originally said I would start doing outfit posts and doing more trend related things for the blog and this will come after everything has settled down and I have somewhere to take pictures and not be embarrassed.

Some things that have been big in my wardrobe this year so far.

Patterned trousers, more statement pieces and more simple laid back items I can wear anytime.

See crazy patterned legging/trousers.

I have been liking trousers more this year, I bought some printed trousers from H&M two years ago, I also bought the scarf print trousers from River Island as shown on this blog previously.

It started something!

These yellow paisley trousers are definitely and opinion divider but I love the colour and how fun they are!

The best two pairs found this year were a teal blue pair from Rokit vintage and purple silk from Ghost London.

This white dress from Topshop I left it on the sale rail for three weeks before finally deciding to buy it. I did this with the palm tree printed sweatshirt featured in the last post.

as seen on this lovely lady here

It has been lovely to let the creative out and not just hide in smart clothing or jeans.
I hope the rest of this year will be as successful as the last few months have been. It would be fantastic to just enjoy the hard work and time put in and I am proud I have also stopped my awful shopping habit and be happy.

P.S I will be featuring a blog on printed trousers and some new DIY handbags...